Higher Quality of Life

At 44 years old, after suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis for 36 years, I was completely hopeless. Proactive Chiropractic has given me a higher quality of life than I have had in 15 years. Many times people with chronic disease believe they must live with pain the rest of their lives. Disease modifying meds help prevent further joint damage and prescription pain meds keep us from completely throwing in the towel, but those meds do not always work for people who have high pain tolerance. We move and hold ourselves differently to compensate for pain, and this leads to more pain. While having my son treated by Dr. Guerriero for sports-related issues, I spoke with Dr. Morgan. He convinced me to set an appointment. IT IS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE FOR MY HEALTH AND WELL BEING. I had tried another Chiropractic office several years ago, with no results. The ART technique practiced by Proactive Chiropractic is the reason I no longer have level 8 out of 10 pain everyday of my life. My jaw no longer hurts, I can walk to my mailbox without my right hip giving out, my lower back is pain-free, and I can type without hand and wrist pain. I know it is difficult to go to an office where people are coming in for pain associated with working out and sports, when you feel like getting out of bed is a major victory. Just focus on you, and improving YOUR quality of life. You will have to be committed to the process. It is not an overnight cure, and many times I felt worse after leaving, than when I entered, but it is worth the effort. So, call the phone number, talk to Stephanie and set up an appointment. If you go for one visit and it doesn’t seem right for you, what have you lost? But what if it works, what if you feel better in a month? What if you don’t mind getting out of bed in the mornings?